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TestimonialsDear Maji.

Maji has received many comments from those she has helped find peace and happiness.

Some of them are shown below. Yours can be added as well - please call or e-mail Maji with your feedback, and to make an appointment.


"Maji is a very loving, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional teacher." Rev. Monty Cooper, CCPT, CS.

"Maji Philips is a gifted lady who I've known for more than a decade. She has an experienced, compassionate touch and the soul of a healer. She has done her homework through study, meditation, personal experience and decades of practice. I would recommend her work to anyone interested in the realm of energy healing." E.S.

"I can’t say enough about the impact that having Maji perform my attunement has had on my life and my path. I had received Reiki treatments from her over the years and knew firsthand the benefits of Reiki energy, but it was only when my fiancé Julie began researching alternative healing modalities for equine applications that we came across the idea of learning Reiki to help with her horse. When Maji agreed to do our Level 1 Training and Attunements I was thrilled. The most profound effect I experienced from the session was an immediate and dramatic improvement in my ability to quiet my mind – a critical aspect of all internal endeavors. Even if I were not drawn to the healing arts (I always have been), the value of the attunement alone is incredible. Since then I have been honored to witness the power of Reiki in the lives of my participants, and Reiki energy has added enormous depth to the body work I was already doing. Julie’s horse, Jake, had issues with spooking and nervousness. Now that she has learned to give Reiki energy to the horse, he becomes so calm that he falls asleep. When he wakes up, he follows her around like a puppy. It works on me too. Maji’s ability to communicate with and draw upon high level guides and masters in the work she does is precisely what makes her attunements so profound. I highly recommend her as a powerful and clear channel for Reiki, and if you’re ready for the next step – you need to call my Reiki Master, Maji Phillips." Daryl Sprout

"The Reiki attunement Maji bestowed upon me has allowed me to experience the world around me through my heart again, instead of allowing my brain to interpret everything. Now, instead of mentally analyzing, I can feel things – a much stronger understanding and connection. I have always loved animals and since I was very young the ones that crossed my path always turned out to be victims of misfortune or abuse. To be able to channel that conviction for the plight of the innocent through Reiki has brought my life’s work into sharp perspective, and the gift of being actively involved in the healing these beings need is wonderful beyond belief. Maji’s own love of animals and her ability to teach me to apply Reiki for them made Maji the perfect choice." Julie Mann

"Maji told me that I would own my own business before I was 40 yrs. old, and I thought she was crazy! Now I have been in my own design business for six years!! I've learned not to make any important decisions without consulting Maji. I am so grateful to Maji for counseling me toward making better decisions." Jeff Martin

"Maji is more than a regular Reiki practitioner. Through the aid of her angels she was able to be the communicator between me and the source to direct me to my right path, to be able to answer my questions. Quite powerful and uplifting." Shirin D.

"Maji has helped me through the toughest time of my life. She has offered me guidance when I needed it most. With her Reiki treatments and angel readings, I am a happier and more confident woman. I have found the strength I thought I had lost during my divorce. Maji is a true blessing." Kristen

"Maji is a gifted lady who always seems to send me a message of love and hope out of the blue when I need it most. One time, after my shop had been broken into and I was feeling extremely negative about people in general, the very same day I received a special gift in the mail from Maji. It was a pair of Angel earrings reminding me that my angels are here for me and most of all, there is still goodness in the world. Maji continues to touch my life in many ways, always with hope and kindness." Amie S.

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