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August 13, 2006 - Channeled Message from Heaven:

Our beautiful blue planet is God's Earth School of quick advancement. We arrived here with a specific plan and schedule to learn as much as possible in only 60 to 90 years. The same schools in Heaven have curriculums of thousands and millions of Earth years. However, we were veiled upon birth and forgot our purpose.

As the attractions of the Earth continually draw our attention away, we become filled with desires and set about to fulfill these worldly desires. So an entire lifetime is spent in finding love, marriage, children, fortune, fame, meaning.

Step back for a moment, and look upon the life you have manifested. It contains all the lessons you came here to learn. The patterns that REPEAT require special attention, for these are the vital teachings that you came to master. Many times, the pain and sorrow we experience are not the obstacles that we perceive them to be, but are God's stepping stones to assist our spiritual growth.

The golden key for rapid spiritual advancement is simple Trust. Trust gives wings to your journey! Relax and trust in Godís plan and His loving care for you.

Maji adds this to the message: I came to learn to forgive the unforgivable. What did you come to learn?

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