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All the methods employed by Maji have the common characteristics of sensitivity, gentleness, peace and love.

Years of training and experience have enabled Maji to comfort and heal people in the most caring of ways. You may depend on complete confidentiality.

A brief description below of how she performs her many services will provide you with the confidence to put your trust in Maji.

Angelic Reading Method

During this reading, I bring you knowledge and understanding of the Angel who guides and protects you, so that you grow more actively conscious of Angelic help available to you. I contact your guardian angel, and learn the name that the angel wishes to be called by you. I also utilize the Healing Angel who helps me in all my sessions, so bring all your questions!

Because of my divine attunement, many types of information may be brought to you, similar to a Reiki session. I will explain all that occurs. You may wish to bring a notebook to make notes for later.

Online Psychic Readings Method

Please go to Contact page and fill in the form to receive your online reading. Make your questions as specific as possible.

Reiki Care Method

Reiki is neither belief system or religion. It is true spiritual energy from the God Source which enters my crown chakra and exits my hands. Using the natural healing art of Reiki, by simply laying on the hands, the channeled energy flows to wherever in the body that it is most needed. The channel is constantly rejuvenated when sharing Reiki energy and both the practitioner and recipient experience a deep relaxation and a profound feeling of well being.

Sometimes you may grow so relaxed that you will doze off, which is fine and safe. My touch is sacred, safe, and respectful of the body temple. Because of my divine attunement, I often see lights, angels, and receive messages for you during the Reiki treatment. Visits from loved ones in heaven may happen. I will explain all that occurs. Sometimes I utilize the energies of crystals, amethysts, rose quartz, and other stones during your session. After the session, you may wish to take some notes for later reference.

Remote Reiki Method

If you find that you are unable to come in, but wish for immediate healing and relief, I am able to send the Reiki treatment to you wherever you may be.

Reiki Attunement Method

This if a powerful dose of Reiki which enters your crown chakra and lasts 24 hours when you feel a desperate need for pain relief, calmness, peace, and upliftment from sorrow or fear.

Reiki Initiation/Attunement Method

When you wish to become a Reiki Channel yourself, I am certified to perform the necessary attunements that enable you to become a healer.


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Reiki is the abundant Universal Life Energy that heals, balances, restores, harmonizes and reaches into the subtle energies of Spirit.

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Maji offers individual sessions to help you understand events in your life. Call the number below in the Dallas area to make an appointment.

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